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Bennett and I discuss dog bites.
Dec 1


Bennett and I discuss dog bites.

May 4

NewVillager - LightHouse 
Saw them last night. So epic.

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Apr 21

Bear Hands-High Society

another great tune from bear hands. listen to the lyrics. interesting….

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Apr 21

MGMT-Boogie Down

throwback thursday. enjoy this insane video.

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Apr 21

California Wives-Tokyo

This mellow song feels somehow so sad…yet inspiring.

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Apr 20

NewVillager- Rich Doors

God, this song makes my sould feel happy. Enjoy this 420 friendly song.

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hello best friends! check out the new look- if I reblog your post, your pic appears aka you are famous ;) I am going to try and be more consistent..this year’s music scene has been amazing so far. i got a new job the past couple months and I have def been slacking. for that i apologize. love you all.

Apr 19
new look
Apr 19


this video. omg. like new-age Almost Famous jam sesh. lovelovelove it.

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Apr 19

Reptar-Houseboat Babies

80’s beats vs. Matt+Kim’s weird cousins….

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Mar 22

David Vandervelde-Nothin’ No

Grassy rootz luv song- can’t wait to bump this— smokin in the summer fieldz

Mar 7

Daft Punk-Digital Love

What can I say.. just woke up and i’m feeling Dafty!!

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Mar 3


Never before has a song sounded so dangerous, so seductive, so tempting…alright you get the idea. rock and roll y’all..WINNING.

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Mar 3

Frankie & The Heartstrings - Hunger

these little british lads areee awesomeeeeee


Mar 1

Girls with Accents - Fences

Despite the main refrain being “I’m fucking up everything”, Chris does NOT fuck up this song at least. With his raw vocals, and sad story, i kinda just wanna hug this dude.

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Mar 1

PS I Love You & Diamond Rings-Leftovers

Dear song: See you on Indie Rock Band in 10 years.